Restorative Justice in schools

    Restorative Justice Conferencing in schools has been piloted in several areas of the country. In January 2003 both the Youth Justice Board and The Childrens Fund backed a project to be run by Medway Mediation.The project has introduced restorative problem solving in four local schools.


    When this pilot scheme finishes, it is anticipated that it will be extended to other interested schools. This new approach tries to sort out conflicts and anti-social behaviour by listening to the views and feelings of all those involved.

    It attempts to resolve those difficulties by putting right the harm that has been done in a calm and positive way. Usually a group meeting is arranged so that all those who have been affected by the incident are able to take part and say how they feel.


    Attending the meeting is totally voluntary. This is just one approach open to the school.

    Have you been a victim of crime? Restorative processes can help.